Nirrimi, a talanted young photographer from Australia wrote this on her blog a few days ago:

"my images are often coloured with memories and moments of my youth. i want to raise a child with the unconditional love, inspiration and adventure of my own childhood, so that they too can be inspired as i am. it's what i always knew i was meant to do. the reason for all i've learnt."

I agree with her - childhood is beautiful and colourful, and it is an inspiring and peaceful age too. I consider my own childhood to be the best time of my life. I was surrounded by unconditional love and a whole new world to discover. There is no way to return that other than to have children and give the same love to them. Nirrimi may be young, but she is one of few people who realizes the fact and dares to go against the norms. Thank you for sharing this, Nirrimi!
Read her post here.


Adam with grandfather Ove (May 2010)

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